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Vi hjelper ledere og medarbeidere til å
forebygge og håndtere rus og avhengighet.

Vi hjelper ledere og medarbeidere til å forebygge og håndtere rus og avhengighet.

English information about Akan

Background – what is Akan?

Akan, the workplace advisory centre for issues relating to alcohol, drugs and addictive gambling and gaming, was founded in 1963 by representatives from the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions [LO] and the Confederation of Norwegian Business and Industry [NHO].

Today the board of Akan consists of two representatives from LO, two from NHO and one from the Ministry of Social Affairs. These parties are also the financial contributors to the activities of Akan. Our objective is to prevent drug and alcohol abuse in Norwegian workplaces and also to provide help to employees with alcohol, drug and gambling problems. Akan’s activities are based on collaboration between employers and employees. A defined policy and clear guidelines for dealing with alcohol-, drug- and gambling problems in the workplace are important elements in Akan’s activities. So far, mostly large enterprises have established an Akan system. However, a drug and alcohol policy is also important for small and medium-sized enterprises.

For further information, advice and guidance relating to Akan in the workplace, Akan activities aimed at the individual employee, drug and alcohol abuse in general etc. please contact us.

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  • Objectives

    Akan's main objective is to contribute to the prevention and solving of alcohol, drug and gambling problems in Norwegian enterprises.

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  • Individual Akan contract

    Akan's individual contract model consists of structured and specially adapted support in the workplace for a person with a drug or alcohol problem.

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  • A short example of a drug and alcohol policy

    Here is a short example of a drug and alcohol policy...
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  • Dilemmaverktøy (english version)

    Should we be concerned if someone drinks too much at a company party, or comes to work with a hangover? See more dilemmas including advice and suggestions for discussion topics in our tool Dilemmaverktøy.
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