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A short example of a drug and alcohol policy

Guidelines for the use of alcohol, substances, and gambling in Organization XX

Moderate use of alcohol can be perceived as something positive in several settings/situations and can bring joy and foster a sense of togetherness. However, it is important to note that the use of alcohol can affect our company image negatively, it can create unpleasant situations, and it increases the risk of developing health related illnesses. As such, our organization wants to stand for attitudes that balance these considerations.


At our workplace, we have 5 guidelines:

It is unacceptable to show up for work under the influence of alcohol, or substances. This pertains to alcohol and drugs, as well as hangovers and smelling of alcohol. The same rule pertains to prescription drugs that can impair work performance

Gambling and gaming during work hours is not permitted. This applies to online games/gambling sites on the internet on work computers, mobile phones, as well as personal computers and mobile devices

All employees could potentially find themselves in situations, or social arrangements that are work related, where alcohol is present. Those responsible for planning and facilitating such arrangements are responsible for making sure that alcohol is being served with a clear knowledge about the negative and positive sides of alcohol use. Individuals that participate in such arrangements are responsible for their own alcohol consumption and are trusted to consume alcohol in a manner that reflects our organization`s attitudes

In terms of representation, traveling, participation at courses and seminars, or other work related arrangements, we expect our employees to practice moderation in terms of alcohol use. In addition, we expect our employees to behave in such a manner that does not affect our company image in a negative manner. In the noted situations, or social arrangements, all employees are viewed as representatives for our organization

By suspicion, or worry, the nearest leader is responsible for speaking to the individual in question (The necessary conversation). Should one of our employees develop a problematic use of alcohol, or substances, that affect work performance or work related arrangements, it is our intention to follow the Akan-model to handle individual issues such as this. This can be found at Akan`s website (akan.no). This means that our organization will not fire employees that develop a problem with alcohol, substances, gambling, or gaming, without being offered help first