I’m a little nervous, it’s my first office party!
How can I explain to her that I’m not drinking tonight? She’s so DAMNED pushy!
Should I go to the party? I mean, I don’t drink anymore.
My head is spinning with worry!!!
Last year’s party was a complete disaster. What will it be like this year?
Should I have some drinks with the others to warm up before the party, now that I am a manager?
I’m so looking forward to tonight!
I would never behave like that at an office party
It’ll be fun to hang out with you guys and talk about something other than work!

How can you create a healthy alcohol culture, without taking away the fun of an office party?

To create dialogue and awareness around drinking culture in the workplace, we have created “The Party”, an innovative and interactive course on work parties. The course is designed as a chat story where the participants themselves must make choices. The aim is to generate reflection on actual dilemmas you may encounter in real life.

That was so much better than an e-learning course or an informational film!
That was incredibly cool! Incredibly engaging and smooth format! Well done!

What’s acceptable at an office party?

Parties are an important part of the working environment. Being able to meet socially in a non-work setting has a positive effect, giving people the opportunity to build relationships and create a culture. At the same time, many companies experience challenges related to alcohol, expectations and boundaries. Two in three employees feel uncertain about what is expected of them during social gatherings in the workplace. Fearing to detract from the positive aspects of a party, many managers are hesitant to talk about limits and expectations. To create a healthy party and alcohol culture in the workplace, it is important to generate awareness about alcohol, parties and work.

“The Party” elicits engagement and discussion

“The Party” is a course aimed at all employees in the company. Through an interactive story, you get to know different characters and follow them through the days before, during and after an office party. When you send and receive messages and short video clips, you are forced to reflect on your own attitudes, workplace culture and how mixing work with partying can be perceived by those around you. The experience is intended to trigger a discussion and conversation about the issue. Using statistics from the course, companies can generate a dialogue about the kind of culture you want to have and what your company policy should be.

In brief

This is a course that can be taken on a mobile phone, without needing a special app. It can also be taken on a computer. You can use whatever device you prefer.

The story itself takes about 30 minutes to complete and can be spread over several days.

The course is suitable for all industries and both large and small companies.

After the course, we recommend that you set aside time to talk about alcohol, parties and work.


Iben Pettersen

28 years old

Iben is new at work and unsure of how her first office party will go. Will she be able to find her place in the group?

Sebastian Seeberg

33 years old

Sebastian has recently become a middle manager and wants to master his new role. Who will he be at the party – friend or boss?

Vegard Mowincel

29 years old

Vegard loves parties, but doesn’t drink. In “The Party”, he encounters the invisible drinking pressure at work. Can he join in the fun without drinking?

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